Virtual Offices

It’s a cost effective, easier and a more efficient way of making your business look larger and more professional. By giving you the option to have your very own virtual receptionists, and a virtual office, you can give your business a better reputation and a more proficient edge. The idea behind our virtual office services are simply to assist you in running of your business, providing a helping hand where necessary and giving you a desirable professional image. Full office facilities which you don’t ever have to visit. Mail will be redirected and telephones answered. What more could you ask for!

Running a business alone can be exhausting and draining, juggling meetings with answering multiple business calls can be tough, and that goes without saying! Our bespoke telephone answering service includes answering calls in your company name, taking messages and orders, giving information or patching through only the calls you want to take, in addition to filtering out all the unwanted time wasters and sales calls!

Use of address is a service which is ideal if you are in need of a business address or want the image of having your own office in the north-west, yet perhaps have insufficient funds or feel that an actual office isn’t exactly a necessary requirement. Using Oak house as your own, prime location, business address can provide the illusion that you do in fact own your own corporate premises, and creates an image to clients that will no doubt impress!

We have a number of packages to suit each client, starting from just £25 a month. Please contact us and we can find one to suit you!

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