Call Answering Service

Do you fall into any of the following scenarios:

  • Lots of sales calls that take up your day
  • On the road a lot and cannot answer phone calls
  • Afraid of missing important sales calls when you are out of the office

If any of the above is you then you need a call answering service from In The Zone. Our trained team of telephone specialists can handle your calls, filtering out those annoying sales teams and passing on the important messages from existing and potential.

Your caller will speak to a real person, in our office, not a remote call centre. We don’t just pretend that, “you’re in a meeting”, we try and get to know and understand your business so that, if we can, we’ll give your customer an educated answer.

When calling a business you expect to get a friendly voice on the other end, this is exactly what we offer at In The Zone.

Telephone Answering Service

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